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First Time Mum

“I Just wanted to let you know that our little boy Huxley William Youngson arrived safely on the bank holiday Monday the 7th weighing in at 6lbs 15.5oz.


The whole thing lasted 12 hours 10 minutes from the very first contraction to him arriving so I was very lucky.  I was a bit taken aback as although the contractions weren’t very strong to start with, they were 5 minutes apart right from the beginning.  I could hear your voice in my head saying “rotate to dilate” which I did.  I had to move quite quickly to escalator breath as the contractions soon started lasting 45 seconds, although it wasn’t until we arrived at the hospital about 4 hours after they started that the intensity increased.  I didn’t have any pain relief at all until about three hours after arriving at the hospital; I just used my breathing and positive birth mantra which I confess, much to my surprise really did work and eased the pain.  I then got into the birthing pool and started using the gas and air for about 90 minutes until my waters broke which was when they noticed the meconium present in my waters, indicating that at some time the baby had been distressed, so I had to get out and the baby had to be monitored.  This made keeping active much harder but I decided to not let that get to me and to concentrate on my breathing.


My transition passed quite quickly and I just remember feeling exhausted and saying that I wanted to go to sleep!  I didn’t use the bearing down breath when it came to actually delivering, neither did I use the gas and air, but I did try and keep relaxed and focussed on what I was doing which I think was all down to everything I learnt in the class.
I had a wonderful positive birth experience and I think a lot of that was down to the things I learnt in your class.  The only thing I wish I had done was get my husband more involved in what we’d done in the classes to work on his muscle memory as everything I told him went out of his head when the time came but perhaps it would have done anyway!”




Second Time Mum

“My first sign of labour was my waters breaking at 4 am last Thursday morning. This was how my previous labour had started, but I couldn’t quite believe it was starting the same way again. I’d had no braxton hicks and once my waters went, had no contractions start. I phoned labour ward to let them know and they said just rest and things should start soon. In the morning they rang to say there were no community midwives available to come and check me, so asked me to come to the labour ward for a check up at 2pm.


I spent the morning doing relaxing breathing, listening to positive affirmations to try and bring on my contractions. I also spent a lot of time waking around or on my ball.


Unfortunately not much had change and at 2pm we went to labour ward and though the midwife was lovely, she started talking about needing to be induced if noting was happening by the next morning. This was really upsetting as I started worrying about being induced. However, gladly my contractions did start in the evening, after dinner. They began slowly and worked up, and I used my Tens Machine and the basic birth breath. My husband went to bed at 10, but I didn’t want to lie down in case it slowed things down. I stayed on my ball rotating to dilate or pacing the room. By midnight I was exhausted between contractions so rang labour ward to say I was going to have a short rest otherwise I worried I wouldn’t have the energy for labour later on.


Between midnight and 3am I laid on my left side but had to get up every 8-12 minutes during my contractions to rotate on the ball as couldn’t manage the contraction in bed. I got up at 3am and paced again to try and bring the contractions closer together, but by 4am rang labour ward as had switched to escalation breath and I felt like I might need gas and air. Labour ward were fairly unconvinced as my contraction were so far apart and did say I might need to go to the antenatal ward to wait for labour to establish. I didn’t argue with them but knew myself I was in labour, but felt calm due to the breathing and positive affirmations that I had on continuous loop playing off my I phone.


I went in at 6am, pleaded with them to examine me as by then my contractions had suddenly come every 2-3 minutes- perhaps my body knew I’d got to the hospital!


She was surprised to find I was 5-6 cm and very stretchy… I was duly allowed gas and air and she commented on how calm I was considering. I explained that during my last labour that I felt calm until now and was focussing on my breathing to keep me focused. I had to be monitored on my left side  as the portable monitoring was picking up a drop in heart rate with contractions.


Within what seemed like minutes but was probably about 40 minutes, I felt a sudden pressure down below. The contractions felt very intense and even my escalator breaths wasn’t helping. I realised baby had dropped down and tried to remain calm whilst preparing to birth my baby.


Because I couldn’t get into another position to slow things down and also was worried about the heart rate, I decided the only thing I could do was push. I used the ‘out’ as well as bearing down as when I just pushed I let out a scream which wasn’t helping! So I said ‘out’ loudly, and pushed and eventually head and shoulders arrived! Then the rest.


Overall it was 2 hours from arriving in hospital to having her, and I couldn’t have coped with the speed of the progress if I hadn’t remained calm. The main issue I had was sounding too calm on the phone to labour ward, and even they had me doubting if I was really in labour as my contractions were so far apart.


I must add, I am a GP, so suitably qualified you’d think, but when it comes to labour you start doubting yourself when the midwives are suggesting you stay at home as are probably not in established labour yet. I’m glad I had the strength to say I was coming in when I did, as that was when I felt it was right and your body usually tells you what it needs.


As for Daisy Birthing, I had a normal birth last time but came to the classes still carrying a lot of emotional baggage from a painful pushing stage. I had felt panicking and doubting I could do it, and daisy birthing gave me the confidence and tools to remain calm and not focus on what happened last time. I had a hypnobirthing cd with a lady saying positive affirmations all the way through my labour and wondered Louise if you might want to offer the same to your ladies, as I felt music enough wasn’t enough and found the words helpful to listen to. As a GP, I will be telling pregnant ladies I see about the classes I have done, as although not everyone needs them, I think they changed the way I approached my labour and gave me another natural delivery (with no stitches this time!)”


Third Time Mum

“I recently attended your Daisy birthing class in St Ives that only finished a couple of weeks ago.


I am thrilled to tell you that I have now given birth to my daughter Amelia Brooke on Sunday 5th May at 4:55am.

I was due Friday 3rd May and that day came and went with no sign of labour starting anytime soon. I was early with both my other two children at 38 weeks so this was strange making it to my due date. I felt so big and immobile! The midwife said if I hadn’t gone into labour at my next appointment on Tuesday 7th May I could look into having a sweep done.
Then on Saturday (4th) around 3pm I started getting a bloody show which lasted on and off all the rest of the day. I tried not to get my hopes up as I read labour could start shortly after or it could still be days away. I went to bed around 11:30 pm and slept for about an hour before waking and starting to feel tightening’s. I timed them over half an hour and they were happening every 2 minutes. I rang the labour ward who said I should make my way to hospital. I was a bit worried in case my labour was quick like my last one so we headed straight to the hospital.
We arrived about 2am and the ward was really quiet, I was the only one in the labour ward!! The midwife examined me and said I was 2cm dilated. I was hoping it was going to be more than that as found the contractions quite intense at that point but knew it could still be a while yet.
I kept on my feet walking around the room, using my escalator breath every time I had a contraction. The midwife then brought me in a gym ball and I found this to be really helpful. I sat on it and just kept saying to myself ‘rotate to dilate’ moving round on the ball. The midwife didn’t pop in much to the room, like my last labour they didn’t seem to think I was in full labour as I do not shout or make any noises just breath through the contractions.
My husband helped by rubbing my lower back through the contractions. I also kept sipping water. The contractions were starting to come every 1 minute and lasting longer.
It got to about 4:30am and I had to call the midwife as the contractions were getting so intense and I wanted her to check how dilated I was, because if I still hadn’t dilated much I was considering having the meptid injection to help. At this point also my waters started trickling out. Looking back now I can see at this point I was going through the transition stage which I couldn’t remember going through in my other labours. I felt really detached and my husband said I looked really spaced out! I got on the bed to check dilation and she said the baby’s head was coming and I was fully dilated! I had a bit of gas and air, got off the bed and began to feel the need to push. I have to say I didn’t use the bearing down breath, the urge of pushing became too great and within minutes baby Amelia was born weighing 8lb 1oz. I had to have four stitches to the side due to how quick she came out. My husband cut the cord. The placenta took longer to come out then my last two labours, the midwife did give me the injection to help it come out and she tugged it.
I stayed in the hospital till 1.30pm on the Sunday and then could go home. We all adore Amelia, the other two kids have been brilliant with her and she has completed our little family :-).


Thanks for your advice on the course, even though I had been through labour twice before, the course helped me to remain calm and in control throughout my labour. Even the midwives said what a dream labour it was – quick and calm.”



Water Birth

“My second baby was due on Saturday 3rd August. As the date came and went and I began to panic that my baby was not going to come of their own accord, especially as my first baby had arrived two weeks early. However, I needn’t have worried as on the morning of Friday 9th August I woke up feeling some mild period type pains and said to my husband Matthew that he might want to work from home, just in case something was starting to happen. About an hour later at 8 o’clock, however, I was in no doubt that something was going to happen, as I could feel contractions starting and told Matthew he definitely would not be going in!
As my first labour was quite quick my midwife asked me to contact delivery suite as soon as I thought labour was beginning, so I called up and told the midwife I was booked for a home birth and that I thought my labour had started. She said the Community Midwife would give me a call and asked who my normal midwife was. Luckily she was on shift that day and would give me a call soon. My midwife, Sharon, called soon after and said she would pop round to see how I was. About 30 minutes later she arrived. At this point it was about 9am and my contractions were coming every 5 minutes and lasting for about a minute, so she decided to stay to see how things progressed.
I felt really calm and in control and just used the basic birth breath to see me through the contractions. I felt most comfortable bouncing or rotating on my birth ball or standing swaying my hips, so I continued to do this while Matthew and my Mum got the pool ready. Matthew put on the CD of birthing affirmations I used when I had my first baby and this really helped me to keep relaxed throughout the contractions.
Around 11am, my contractions were still 5 minutes apart and the midwife felt I was still in the early stages of labour and asked if I was happy, she would go back to the office for a while until things got going. I agreed as I felt really in control and did not feel the contractions were that strong at this point. Before she left however, she offered to examine me if I wanted. Although I had asked for vaginal examinations to be kept to a minimum curiosity got the better of me and I asked if she would examine me before she left. There must have been a subconscious reason for me wanting to know, as when she examined me she realised I was in fact 7 centimetres dilated. Neither of us could believe it as my contractions were still only coming every 5 minutes and I did not feel like I could be in established labour. She quickly changed her plans and decided to stay!
By this time the pool was ready, so I got in. The water was so relaxing; I actually nearly nodded off a couple of times! (In between contractions of course!). I continued to use the basic birth breath and swayed on my knees through the contractions. Around 3pm, my contractions were still 5 minutes apart, which was great for me as it gave me lots of time to rest in between, but the midwife felt we should see if we could get them a bit closer together. I think I was almost too relaxed in the pool but did not want to get out as the water was helping me through the contractions so well, so the midwife suggested I tried nipple stimulation to get the contractions going and respectfully gave me privacy to do this while she chatted to Mum in the kitchen.

This worked really well and my contractions soon became stronger and closer together, at about 3 minutes apart. I continued to use the basic birth breath as I found I was coping really well using this. I also found the visualisations we did in class really helpful and imagined myself on a beautiful sandy beach, riding the waves up and down with each contraction.

Then all of a sudden things cranked up a gear, or maybe 4! I could feel myself start to panic and the thought of ‘I can’t do this’ came into my head. I knew that this was transition and kept telling myself to be calm and that it meant my baby was coming. I felt I needed to try some gas and air as I could tell that the baby was coming quickly but I continued to breathe deeply. 6 minutes and just a few pushes later and baby was born at 15.56. I reached down into the water and picked my baby up and saw a shock of dark hair just like my first baby, so I was convinced it was another girl. Matthew and I then had a look together and saw it was in fact a baby boy. The second midwife, who arrived just in time for his arrival, took lots of pictures for us whilst I held baby James in the pool to allow the cord to stop pulsating. Both midwives then helped me out to deliver the placenta. I had not decided on whether or not to have the injection to help deliver the placenta but did not need this in the end, so had a physiological third stage. Baby James was here, weighing 8lb 5oz; bigger than his sister who was only 6lb 15oz.
Although the last few minutes were pretty intense I can honestly say that I almost enjoyed my labour, as strange as that may sound! It was a really special and calm experience and it was so lovely to be able to get into my own bed afterwards. Although my first baby was also born at home, she was born in under 3 hours, so I actually found the experience this time a lot calmer as a longer labour (7 hours 40 minutes) gave me more time to be in control of what was happening. Plus it allowed time for the midwife to be with us throughout, which I know Matthew definitely appreciated!
I would definitely recommend Daisy Birthing to any pregnant woman, it really pays to prepare for labour and the techniques used in class gave me the confidence in my body to birth my baby.”



Premature Baby

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for all your help with Daisy Birthing classes.

Unfortunately I was unable to attend the last class as our gorgeous little baby boy decided to make an early  & very unexpected arrival on Tuesday morning! Mother & baby both doing well but due to him being 6 wks early he needs a bit of help breathing/ feeding etc so will spend some time in the special care unit for now.

There are no reasons to indicate why he was premature but he was certainly in a rush to enter the world. I went to bed as usual on Monday night & was woken at around 04:30 with mild stomach cramps. I didn’t really think much of it so just dozed off again. By 05:00 when my partner got up for work I had felt a few more so mentioned it in passing & he said to call if I needed anything & went off to work. At 06:30 my daughter woke up so we both got up for the day. I think gravity must have come into play at this point as contractions became stronger & more frequent as I started walking around. I was able to get through them using my basic birth breath however I felt I was unable to see to my daughter who is 17 months old as I needed to concentrate on breathing through each contraction. I decided to call my partner at 07:00 as I felt even though it was early, I was in fact in labour. He said he will make his way home within the hour but will call my mum to come over to see to my daughter. She arrived at 07:20 and by this point the contractions were every couple of minutes lasting up to a minute. I called the hospital who advised I made my way in so I tried to pack a bag between contractions & waited for my partner to get home. He arrived at just gone 08:00 & by this time I knew I needed to get to the hospital & quickly.
The journey there was pretty uncomfortable as standing was far easier but we made it in 5 minutes or so & arrived at 08:20. I was seen to a room & was put on a monitor straight away to make sure baby was ok due to being 6 wks early. All was fine so I was examined to find I was fully dilated & ready to have my baby. After 20 mins of pushing our beautiful baby boy arrived weighing a teeny 4lb 9oz. I wasn’t able to use the bearing down breath as my body just took over & found the basic birth breath was far easier & more calming to use throughout. This came very naturally & I didn’t really have to think about how I was breathing.
My labour from start to finish was a pretty speedy 4 hrs but Daisy Birthing helped me stay in control & relaxed.

Thanks again for all your help, you are an excellent teacher & I will highly recommend your classes to all future  mummies to be.”



“As you know I was being induced at 37 weeks and after 4 days of bouncing, walking, cobras and 6 failed prostaglandins I was no more than 1cm dilated so they couldn’t break my waters.


They decided the only course of action left was an emergency section however I don’t know where the emergency bit comes from as it was a very calm and pleasant experience.


I was nervous as I was walked from Lilac ward to the delivery suite and then into the theatre, which was very clinical but bright and airy. I did use some basic birth breaths to get me through that stage as I wanted to remain calm and enjoy it. Well it must have worked as before I knew it the spinal was in and I was laughing and chatting away to the people in the room.

I asked if they had started and they said they had been in there 10 minutes already. I can honestly say I enjoyed it and it was lovely to have my partner in the room with me (filming the whole thing but not the actual surgery)


It was a very emotional moment when I heard my little man’s first gurgle and cry. Toby Wilfred James Poole came into the world at 17.43hrs on 3rd July 2014. They let me have delayed cord clamping for a few minutes and my partner was able to cut the cord. He was put on my chest straight after he was weighed and he stayed there until I got back into the recovery room. They were so nice about me having all the natural things I wanted despite it being a c section and my little man being very small and therefore slightly higher risk.


I know it’s not an actual labour story and I do now feel like I have lost out on the experience of labour, however I can honestly say I wasn’t expecting a c section to be such a calm and relaxed event. I wouldn’t change anything about how it went and we have the whole event on film which is amazing. I still also feel that all I learnt through your classes were versatile throughout my pregnancy and in preparation for my c section and made a huge difference to my outlook.

Thank you so much.”




“I went for my weekly midwife appointment on the Thursday when I was 38+6weeks and my protein levels and blood pressure were both high so I was sent straight to Hinchingbrooke for monitoring on the worry of pre-eclampsia. They kept me in for a couple of hours and took my bloods which all came back normal so I was sent back home and told to go back to see the midwife on Saturday.
On the Saturday, the same thing happened – levels were high, and so I went to hospital only to be sent back home again.
The following day I felt awful all day, very low energy and a banging headache so we packed up the car for the third time and took ourselves up to the hospital. We arrived at about 7pm and they took bloods which showed early signs of pre-eclampsia this time and so I was examined by a doctor who gave the midwives the go ahead to induce me. At this point I did have a bit of a freak out because I knew that this would make me ‘high risk’ and I wouldn’t be allowed to use Primrose or the birthing pool. I also thought it might restrict me in terms of staying active in labour in case they wanted to monitor me and baby. However, I thought back to what you had said about labour never being predictable and decided to approach my labour with a positive attitude and still try and remain as in control as I could under different circumstances to what I had expected and hoped for. (I should add that I am a bit of a control freak and like things to be planned!)

I was induced via a gel at 10.30pm and then sent over to Lilac ward for the night. I began having mild pains through the night and took some paracetamol but was convinced it was not labour starting. In the morning, I had some breakfast and a shower and was then examined only to find I was 3cm dilated! I called my partner and my sister and put my TENS machine on which I found really helped with the contractions I was now starting to feel a bit more. I also started using the basic birth breath at this time, which really helped to calm me. By the time they arrived and we moved over to the labour ward at about 10am, I was 4cm and had my waters broken. The midwife put me on the monitor and I found contractions to be much more uncomfortable when I was on the bed on my back, particularly because I couldn’t wear the TENS while having my back pressed to the bed as the shocks then became painful. After about 40minutes of being on the monitor, I asked my partner to go and ask the midwife if I could come off of it now and have a birthing ball in the room. She said that was fine and we pushed the bed out of the way and raised it as high as it could go as I found it helpful to sometimes lean over it during contractions.

I spent the next few hours on the ball with the gas and air as the contractions became stronger and more frequent. My partner suggested I switch to escalator breath at this point as he could see I was in some pain, which I did, and again found it to help cope with the contractions. It also made me feel more in control and I was doing something to help myself.
At 12.45am I was examined and was pleased to find I was now 7cm dilated. My midwife said she was going for her lunch and would be back to check on me afterwards but within 10 minutes of her saying that I felt the urge to push. My sister went to find her and she examined me again and found I had gone from 7 to 10cm and ready to push in 10 minutes, which was the most intense 10 minutes of my life! I started off pushing up on my knees, then tried standing and leaning over the bed, but found the best position for me was sitting with the bed completely upright and my legs supported on the hips of the midwife and my sister! I pushed for an hour and a half in total and then my gorgeous daughter was born.

I just wanted to thank you for the Daisy Birthing classes as I really think that in my pregnancy they helped me to feel much more confident and relaxed about the upcoming labour, and in labour itself the techniques helped me to accept that it wasn’t going to go as planned in my head and to feel in control.”



Gestational Diabetes

“Just a bit of background information – I had a really long labour with my son three years ago – 42 hours from the first contraction to him arriving, possibly due to him being quite big (9lb 14oz) and back-to-back. I had been hoping for a water birth and was really happy to be able to deliver him in the pool using only gas and air. Unfortunately, I had a 4th degree tear but luckily recovered really well and had no symptoms afterwards.
While pregnant with Bonnie, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes at 26 weeks. I have always wanted my births to be as natural as possible, and knew that my condition meant I wouldn’t be able to use the new midwife-led unit at Addenbrookes, so was very disappointed. From the first meeting with the diabetes team, they said I would probably need medication, and they would need to induce me, probably at 38 weeks but definitely wouldn’t let me go past my due date. My previous tear was also an issue, and I had been advised to have a c‑section with any future children. I felt as if I had lost all control of my pregnancy and labour and wouldn’t be able to have anything like the birth I wanted.
I was determined to avoid any unnecessary medications for me and the baby so I tried really hard with diet and exercise to keep my blood sugar levels under control. This was really successful and they were pleased with my progress, and a month before my due date I was discharged by the diabetes team. I also didn’t want to have an elective c-section unless it was absolutely necessary, so asked for a referral from my GP to see a specialist, who examined me and said my risk of a future 3rd or 4th degree tear was about 5% and it was my decision whether to have a caesarean or not.
Attending Daisy Birthing classes was great for discussing what I thought was the ‘over-medicalising’ of my pregnancy with the group, and Louise helped me have the confidence to question the medical professionals and ask for the birth I wanted. I did lots of research and discussed all of my options with the obstetrics team. Because my blood sugar was so well controlled, the growth scans showed the baby was average size, and my tear had healed so well, they agreed to let me have a vaginal birth and go to 10 days after my due date before attempting induction. The day after the meeting with the consultant I spontaneously went into labour 3 days early (which I think was partly due to the relief of having some say in how my child would be born!).
Now for the birth story…
I was really surprised this time round how quickly things happened. My contractions started at about 3am. They were quite regular from the start but quite mild and I could sleep through them, so thinking I had another long labour ahead of me, I took advantage and slept while I could. I woke again at about 6.30am and after getting my son up for nursery I had to ask my husband to take him in as I didn’t think I could do it – the tightening’s were getting stronger and I wanted to focus on breathing through them (just using the basic birthing breath). I told him to go to work though as I’d had quite strong Braxton Hicks contractions in the weeks beforehand so wasn’t convinced I was in labour. At 9.30am I had to ring him to ask him to come home and help me put the TENS machine on as I needed something else to work with my breathing. By this time I was using the escalator breath as the contractions were getting much more intense. The breathing and the TENS machine were doing a great job and I was feeling really calm and actually enjoying the experience. By about 11 I’d had a show and was pretty convinced it was the real thing. I must have still seemed calm though as I’m not sure my husband realised how quickly things were moving – he was still sitting with his laptop writing emails on the sofa! I ate a small lunch and then rang the hospital. They agreed I was in labour and told me to come straight in.
I arrived at the Rosie labour ward at about 1.30pm. While I was being assessed they wanted to continuously monitor the baby, but I insisted on being upright and moving around as it was what my body wanted to do – I felt much more confident this time in asking for what I wanted. They found me a portable monitor that would also be possible to use in the pool, which was great (although it was a bit rubbish and kept falling off – more of that later…). After assessing me they moved me to a delivery room but it was quite small and clinical looking so I asked if the pool room was free. While they were getting the room ready, I spent a lot of time rotating on the birthing ball and I think gravity really helped things move along quickly. My waters went as I was about to be examined, which was a strange feeling – they had to rupture them manually last time. By this time the contractions were really intense and I was being sick with each one so I started on the gas and air which helped a lot. I actually felt the urge to push now but knew it was too early so kept concentrating on breathing through each contraction. Soon I was transferred to the pool room and they started filling up the pool.
When the pool was about half full they got me on the bed for another examination, and said I was fully dilated. The contractions were coming very quickly and I had the urge to push almost straight away. There wasn’t time to wait for the pool to fill up so I knelt up on the bed and held onto the headboard as I wanted to be upright for the delivery. I was surprised at this point by the swearing that seemed to be coming from my mouth! Unfortunately, the portable monitor wasn’t working very well and they couldn’t hear the baby’s heart beat properly so they flipped me onto my back (the one position I didn’t want to give birth in!) so they could monitor her better. The monitor still wasn’t working properly so the second midwife went to get a clip to attach to the baby’s head, but before she came back with it the baby just came out after a few pushes. I was really worried about pushing before my body was ready because of the tear I’d had last time, but by that point my body was just doing everything by itself. I didn’t even have time to think about the bearing down breath because she arrived so quickly!
Bonnie was born at 5.38pm, 4 hours after we arrived at hospital, weighing almost 2lbs less than her big brother at 7lb 15oz. I was nervous while the midwife examined me afterwards, but was relieved to hear I only had a tiny tear and needed a couple of stitches in the room rather than a surgical repair in theatre.
Within ½ an hour I was up and dressed, walking around the room cuddling Bonnie, amazed by how much energy I had and how ‘easy’ it had been. Some people even said the first photos of us together looked like holiday photos not like I’d just given birth!”



Parent Reviews | Mum and baby classes in Cambridgeshire


Liz & Elouise

“Loved the Wrigglers class that we’ve just finished this week, already booked onto Sing, Rhyme and Sign!”

Becky & Arthur

“Loved these classes – I attended Daisy Birthing, Tinies and Wrigglers. My son loved them all and it gave me so many ideas to keep him entertained. I loved being able to give him little massages and sing songs which included movements for him.”

Sarah & Charlie

“Absolutely fantastic! After being told by a chiropractor to try baby yoga with my 4 month old I found Louise & booked us into her Wrigglers course! My son enjoyed it so much & his stiffness & movement improved significantly… So as he still wasn’t crawling we did the course again! Now he’s 11 months old we’re getting ready to start the Movers course! I just wish I knew about these courses when Charlie was younger so we could have started with Tinies!”

Rachel & Jessica

“My daughter loved this class and got real benefit from all the movements as well as having fun with all the songs and play. We both looked forward to each week and having a chance to spend some relaxed, fun time together.”

Zoe & Theo

“I was looking for a class that was both fun and practical for me and my son to attend. With Theo being my first baby I wanted to get out and learn tips we could easily implement at home whilst meeting other mummies too. Daisy Tinies has given us the opportunity to meet new people, share ideas, learn some brilliant massage techniques and have fun together. I would definitely recommend it to any new mums looking for something different. We love it and have signed up for the next classes.”

Kayleigh & Tilly

“I absolutely loved the daisy classes – Louise helped me to relax and prepare for labour which made me calm and in control the whole time. Even though I had complications and a complete change of birth plan, everyone  was amazed I had Matilda with no pain relief, especially as I am usually the biggest wuss in the world when I’m hurt or ill!
I would highly recommend Louise’s classes – me and bump attended 2 lots of the classes we enjoyed them so much and I’m so glad (and thankful) for these. The midwife commented on my notes how calm I was and that I was amazing during labour. I really believe this was all down to Louise and the daisy classes, I cannot thank you enough!”

Claire & Hetty

“Thank you for all the support and techniques you gave me in the classes. I found them invaluable and they gave me the drug free labour/birth I had wanted after my long drawn out and eventual forceps delivery the first time round. “

Jayne & Jack

“Really good classes. I can highly recommend both the Daisy Birthing and Tinies classes, both myself and my baby boy got so much from attending them.”

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