All classes are held at One Leisure St Ives, PE27 6WU
in normal term time.


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Movers is suitable for babies approx. 6/7 Months+

Our Movers class is aimed at that ‘lively’ and often forgotten age group, where baby has begun to discover they can move and just want to keep on moving.

This is a fast paced class, designed to keep your mover engaged and participating as much as possible. We focus on the need for routine, repetition and fun as well as working on visual and auditory awareness.

We understand that every child learns differently – some by throwing themselves in full throttle and others by watching and waiting. Movers will gently encourage participation; help enthusiastic tots channel it in the right direction and also use a multi-sensory approach to appeal to all learning styles, and don’t worry – we know sometimes Movers like to roam free!

Routines are designed using ‘mummy assisted’ yoga to work on spacial awareness and balance, to enhance ‘sense of self’ and to help your tot feel more confident in themselves. Stop and Go (inhibitory control) becomes an important part of this class and we understand tots need to repeat, repeat, repeat to wire those pathways. With lots of fun exercises this class gives your tot time to explore and have fun with other little people.

You child does not actually have to be ‘Moving’ to attend the class…


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Classes available

Wednesday 7th June – Wednesday 19th July 2017 (no class Weds 14th June) 11am – 11.45am


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