Birthing plus Couples

All classes are held at One Leisure St Ives, PE27 6WU.

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Daisy Birthing Course

Daisy Birthing is a course that offers active birth education, relaxation, breathing techniques and gentle stretch & relaxing moves to help mentally and physically prepare for labour. We aim to educate you on the birthing process and build confidence using a variety of breathing and relaxation techniques to allow you to be fully prepared and focussed on your own birth experience.

Throughout the course you will learn a variety of breathing techniques, understand the use a gravity during labour & birth and relaxation & visualisation techniques to enable you to be in control and relaxed during your birth journey.

Whilst the course is not yoga based, we do perform a variety of exercises, gentle stretches and movement to help aid common pregnancy ailments such as swelling, heart burn and constipation.

We have some great birthing stories from ladies that have completed previous courses and we use our own birth experiences to help boost your confidence and educate on the birthing process itself.

If you understand what is happening to the body during labour and birth it is much easier to manage and achieve a great birth.

Weekly classes are only for mummy only but there is lots of information you can take home to your birth partner to allow them to be fully prepared too.


Couples Workshop

Our Couples workshop focusses on preparing both mum and her birth partner for labour.

This 2 hour workshop builds on the education from our Daisy Birthing course and aims to support both Mum and her birth partner to feel prepared for their birthing day. The course is in a relaxed environment and offers time to interact and ask questions as appropriate.

Topics covered include:

  • What makes a good birth partner
  • The phases of labour and key characteristics of each
  • The role of the birth partner during each phase of labour
  • Breathing techniques; how and why we use them
  • Positions for labour and how the birth partner can assist
  • Massage techniques for labour
  • Tips for decision making as a team in labour
  • The golden hour post birth
  • The forth trimester and helping your baby transition through it


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Classes available

Wednesday 15th March – Wednesday 3rd May 2017 (exc 12th April)


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